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Electric Vehicle Water-Cooling On-board Charger Case

Electric Vehicle Water-Cooling On-board Charger Case

1.Overview of EV Water-Cooling On-board Charger Case

Vehicle charger is an essential core component of new energy vehicles, and its market scale expands with the rapid growth of the new energy vehicle market. Compared with traditional vehicles, new energy vehicles have three core components, namely: "battery" assembly means battery and battery management system; "Motor" assembly means the motor and the motor controller.

At present, the vehicle charger has the function of high-speed CAN network and BMS communication to judge whether the battery connection status is correct.Getting the battery system parameters, and the real-time data of the whole group and the single battery before charging and during charging.

By high speed CAN communication network and vehicle monitoring system, upload the working status, working parameters and fault warning information of the charger, and accept the control command to start charging or stop charging. For safety protection measures, it has functions such as ac input over-voltage protection, ac input under-voltage warning and ac input over-current protection.

2.Advantage of EV Water-Cooling On-board Charger Case

Aluminum alloy structural parts have good plasticity, aluminum alloy material special physical properties,so in the ductility and plasticity of the product is much better than the steel material.Aluminum alloy structure has advantages of light weight, small volume, low cost, but also has the waterproof, dustproof and anti-corrosion,the characteristics of aluminum alloy on the heat dissipation can be fast cooling, and the structure can make air cooling and water cooling model charger, effective cooling of high power charger, enable the internal electronic components to small power input, the effect of high power output.

3.Application of EV Water-Cooling On-board Charger Case

1. AC Charger housing

2. DC charger housing

4.Parameter of EV Water-Cooling On-board Charger Case


Aluminum alloy :A380  ADC12

Casting way


Die Casting Machine






Annual Volume


Porosity requirements

ASTM E505 Level 3

Leakage test requirement

Waterproof level IP67


New energy cars, new energy trucks

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