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CNC Machining

CNC Machining

CNC Machining is directly changing the size, shape, mutual position, surface roughness or properties of raw materials or semi-finished products to make them into finished products. 

Including: casting, welding, electroplating, heat treatment, machining and assembly processes.

CNC Machine

The process of removing the surface material of the part by metal cutting, the process of obtaining the finished product is called a machining process.

General Process Route For Machined Parts

  1. First processing the reference surface: When the part is in the process of processing, the surface as the positioning reference should be processed first to provide a fine reference for the processing of the subsequent process as soon as possible.

  2. Dividing the processing stage: The surface with high processing quality is divided into processing stages, which can be generally divided into three stages: roughing, semi-finishing and finishing. Mainly to ensure the processing quality; conducive to the rational use of equipment; easy to arrange heat treatment process; and easy to find roughcast defects.

  3. First face back hole: For the box, bracket and connecting rod and other parts, the plane back hole should be machined first. In this way, the hole can be machined in a plane to ensure the positional accuracy of the plane and the hole, and the processing of the hole in the plane is facilitated.

  4. Finishing: The finishing of the main surface (such as grinding, fine grinding, rolling, etc.) should be carried out in the final stage of the process, and slight collisions will damage the surface.

Five Major Technical Support For Machining Automation

  • advanced manufacturing technology; 

  • high-precision, high-efficiency automated processing equipment; 

  • advanced logistics technology; 

  • advanced control technology; 

  • modern management technology.

CNC Machine