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Electric Vehicle Battery Charger

Electric Vehicle Battery Charger

The motor controller controls the motor to work according to the set direction, speed, angle and response time through the active operation of the integrated circuit.

In an electric vehicle, the function of the motor controller is to convert the electric energy stored in the power battery into the electric energy required to drive the motor according to the command of the gear position, the throttle, the brake, etc, to control the starting operation, the advance and retreat speed, and the climbing of the electric vehicle. The driving state such as the strength, or help the electric vehicle to brake, and store some of the braking energy into the power battery.

The motor control system determines whether the electric vehicle can operate safely and reliably, and is a core component of the electric vehicle control system.

Electric Vehicle Battery Charger

Electric vehicle battery charger

In terms of control safety technology, the three-layer safety monitoring technology of the whole vehicle control system for electric vehicles was developed, and the working parameters related to vehicle safety were monitored and processed from the functional level, the software level and the hardware level,and the large-scale operation of the electric vehicle was solved.Security monitoring issues.

The controller aluminum shell has high specific strength, specific modulus, fracture toughness, fatigue strength and corrosion resistance. Because the aluminum alloy material has low density and is non-magnetic, the alloy phase is stable at low temperatures.

The aluminum shell of the battery will be treated by hot and cold processes, and the aluminum shell of the battery thus produced will have strong corrosion resistance. The controller of the aluminum housing is thus safer.

This kind of shell also has good ductility and can be made into a light alloy with many metal elements. Its chemical properties are stable, non-magnetic, and can be recycled. It is a benign and recyclable metal material.

The aluminum shell is also small in density and light in weight compared to other metals, so it can be said that the aluminum shell is a good partner for the new energy controller.

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