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Telecommunication Cover

Telecommunication Cover

1. Overview of Telecommunication Cover

The Communication Cavity is composed of resonator cavity,tuning screw and so on. Compared with other filters, the Communication Cavity is a microwave filter with a resonant cavity structure. A cavity can be equivalent to inductance and parallel capacitance, thus forming a resonance level and realizing the microwave filtering function. It has a firm structure, stable and reliable performance, small size, moderate Q value, far parasitic high-end passband and good heat dissipation performance, being used for larger power and frequency to filter out strong out-of-band interference signals. In general, it is better than other microwave filters.

2. Application of Telecommunication Cover

  • Communication base station,automobile,electronic

3. The specification of Telecommunication Cover

Casting ProcessHPDC
Die Casting Machine1000-2500T
WeightDepending on product specifications
dimensionDepending on product specifications
Annual Volume60,000 per year
Porosity requirementsASTM E505 Level 3
Leakage test requirementIP67
ApplicationCommunications industries

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