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Engine Accessories

Engine Accessories

As we all know, Engine is the heart of the car and it plays a grate influence on mechanical machine.Engine is an energy conversion institution,upcoming gasoline or gas heat,through the gas cylinder in seal burning,to push piston expenditure then turns the energy into mechanical energy,which is the most basic principle of engine.And the body is the framework of the engine and the installation foundation of the engine's institutions and systems. All the main parts and accessories of the engine are installed inside and outside the body and bear various loads. Therefore, the body must have enough strength and stiffness. The block is mainly composed of cylinder block, cylinder liner, cylinder head and cylinder gasket.

For example,the cylinder head is mounted on the cylinder block to seal the cylinder from the upper part and form a combustion chamber. It often contacts with high temperature and high pressure gas, so it bears a lot of heat load and mechanical load. There is a cooling water jacket in the cylinder head of a water-cooled engine. The cooling water holes at the lower end of the cylinder head are connected with the cooling water holes of the cylinder body. Use circulating water to cool high temperature parts such as combustion chamber.Cylinder head is usually cast with gray cast iron or alloy cast iron. But as aluminum alloy has good thermal conductivity and is conducive to improving compression ratio. Therefore, in recent years, more and more aluminum alloy cylinder head has been used.

Regarding for the engine parts,in order to effectively reduce the weight of the whole vehicle, 1.4L gasoline engine uses aluminum alloy cylinder block, which has achieved very obvious lightweight effect. And using aluminum material and plastic intake pipe processed by special technology instead of traditional metal intake pipe can not only achieve lightweight effect, but also effectively reduce the resistance of intake pipe wall, improve intake efficiency and increase engine power.

Engine Accessories

  • Engine Oil Pan
    1.Overview of oil panOil pan is an important part of automobile engine and an indispensable part of engine lubrication system.By sealing the lower crankcase, the oil on the moving surface of the engin...
  • Auto Starter Parts
    1.Overview of auto starter partsWhat is auto starter?Engine starting needs external support, the car starter is playing this role. Generally speaking, the starter use three parts to realize the whole ...
  • Engine Bracket/Engine Mounting Bracket
    1.Overview of Engine Mounting BracketEngine mounting bracket which is divided into two parts is a component of automobile engine. The first one is torsional bracket, the second one is engine mounting ...
  • Cylinder Head Cover
    1.Overview of Cylinder Head CoverThere are three types of cylinder heads include flathead, overhead valve and overhead camshaft cylinder heads, each of which can be made of cast-iron or aluminum mate...
  • Engine Cylinder Block
    The advantages of the aluminum alloy Engine Cylinder Block are lower weight and better heat dissipation efficiency. The lighter weight of the vehicle body helps reduce fuel consumption.
  • Engine Cylinder Lower Block
    The Engine Cylinder Lower Block is located between the engine cylinder and the oil pan.
  • Transmission Housing
    The Transmission Housing is a load-bearing part. It is generally made of die-cast aluminum alloy (Al-Si-Cu series alloy) through special molds. On the one hand, it has high strength, good pressure res...
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